Flight Logs

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AircraftModelDateAirline/Flight NoDeparture-ArrivalsRemarkUsername
TC-JHR (40989/4394)Boeing 737-8F214/08/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2182IST-ESBSeat: 17C, Manisa (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSA (5154)Airbus A321-23114/08/2019Turkish Airlines / TK1726TXL-ISTSeat: 32C, Gaziosmanpaşa (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JND (754)Airbus A330-20310/08/2019Turkish Airlines / TK1723IST-TXLSeat: 15E, Antalya (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJH (44129/1403)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)10/08/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2123ESB-ISTSeat: 15C, (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSC (5254)Airbus A321-23128/06/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2192IST-ESBSeat: 17A, Arnavutköy (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRH (3350)Airbus A321-23127/06/2019Turkish Airlines / TK1038BUD-ISTSeat: 9D, Yalova (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMN (2919)Airbus A321-23118/06/2019Turkish Airlines / TK1035IST-BUDSeat: 22D, Esenler (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJH (44129/1403)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)17/06/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2175ESB-ISTSeat: 12A (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSK (5663)Airbus A321-23102/05/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 21C, Kula  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVV (60023/5971)Boeing 737-8F202/05/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 28F, Acıbadem  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23225/04/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2976SAW-ESBSeat: 11F, Göreme. Rejected takeoff on runway at the first attempt due to a technical issue.  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPM (3341)Airbus A320-23225/04/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 21F, Harput  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCL (39430/4442)Boeing 737-8GJ16/03/2019AnadoluJet / TK7007ADB-ESBSeat: 30A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS14/03/2019AnadoluJet / TK7008ESB-ADBSeat: 11F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSN (6508)Airbus A321-23107/02/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2016IST-ASRSeat: 6F, Yüksekova  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTH (7029)Airbus A321-23106/02/2019Turkish Airlines / TK2123ESB-ISTSeat: 14F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F201/01/2019AnadoluJet / TK7007ADB-ESBSeat: 12C, Şişli (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPO (3567)Airbus A320-23229/12/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2914SAW-ADBSeat: 3C, Çankırı (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPR (3654)Airbus A320-23229/12/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2973ESB-SAWSeat: 2A, Kuşadası (SF3)  Öner Demirkol
TC-LCG (60038/7225)Boeing 737-8MAX27/12/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2150IST-ESBSeat: 15C  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23227/12/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 14F, Göreme  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23222/11/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2972SAW-ESBSeat: 24A, Göreme  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPR (3654)Airbus A320-23222/11/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2969ESB-SAWSeat: 24F, Kuşadası  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTD (6822)Airbus A321-23115/11/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2168IST-ESBSeat: 21F, Çankaya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRG (3283)Airbus A321-23114/11/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 10A, Finike, Discover the potential c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFD (29766/87)Boeing 737-8F229/10/2018AnadoluJet / TK7177DLM-ESBSeat: 19C, Artvin (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBZ (28628/573)Boeing 737-86N26/10/2018AnadoluJet / TK7176ESB-DLMSeat: 24D, (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRH (3350)Airbus A321-23113/09/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 16A, Yalova  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGD (29788/791)Boeing 737-8F212/09/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 17A, Nevşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTR (7518)Airbus A321-23125/08/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2154IST-ESBSeat: 14C, Bahçelievler (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTJ (7139)Airbus A321-23125/08/2018Turkish Airlines / TK1082BEG-ISTSeat: 13C, Küçükçekmece (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPR (3654)Airbus A320-23220/08/2018Turkish Airlines / TK1083IST-BEGSeat: 14C, Kuşadası (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFK (29773/259)Boeing 737-8F218/08/2018AnadoluJet / TK7245ESB-SAWSeat: 23D, Zonguldak (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJG (44128/1394)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)13/07/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 24A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHP (42000/4336)Boeing 737-8F211/07/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 15B, Dicle  Öner Demirkol
TC-JJR (44116/1214)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)11/06/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 11H, Erciyes  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTI (7089)Airbus A321-23111/06/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24F, Büyükçekmece  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNZ (1487)Airbus A330-30301/06/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 7D, Kartalkaya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVL (60017/5821)Boeing 737-8F230/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 8E, Eyüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJI (44130/1405)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)20/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 32A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHY (42003/4798)Boeing 737-8F220/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK1034BUD-ISTSeat: 10F, Mengen  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFV (29782/490)Boeing 737-8F218/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK1035IST-BUDSeat: 12A, Akşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVT (60020/5922)Boeing 737-8F218/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2105ESB-ISTSeat: 12A, Çekmeköy  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHC (35742/2708)Boeing 737-8F217/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2146IST-ESBSeat: 9D, İskenderun, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGI (34407/1873)Boeing 737-8F217/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 11A, Siirt  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNC (742)Airbus A330-20311/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 27K, Kushimoto, retro c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFV (29782/490)Boeing 737-8F211/05/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 24A, Akşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHU (42002/4437)Boeing 737-8F226/04/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 7F, Amasra  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJE (44126/1368)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)26/04/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2123ESB-ISTSeat: 16K, Sumela  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFU (29781/461)Boeing 737-8F213/04/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2184IST-ESBSeat: 12F, Elazığ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSE (5450)Airbus A321-23113/04/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2151ESB-ISTSeat: 28F, Kızılırmak  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS01/04/2018AnadoluJet / TK7175DLM-ESBSeat: 22C (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCG (40555/5464)Boeing 737-8AS30/03/2018AnadoluJet / TK7174ESB-DLMSeat: 26C (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVK (60014/5793)Boeing 737-8F215/03/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2146IST-ESBSeat: 7A, Bayrampaşa  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHF (35745/2748)Boeing 737-8F214/03/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2147ESB-ISTSeat: 11D, Ayvalık  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGB (29786/566)Boeing 737-8F211/03/2018Turkish Airlines / TK7015ADB-ESBSeat: 14B, Foça (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-IZD (32348/933)Boeing 737-83N10/03/2018Pegasus Airlines / PC3161ESB-ADBSeat: 12E, Buğlem Sera (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBJ (29916/210)Boeing 737-8AS28/02/2018AnadoluJet / TK7248SAW-ESBSeat: 6A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPD (2934)Airbus A320-23228/02/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2969ESB-SAWSeat: 14F, Isparta  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVZ (60025/6000)Boeing 737-8F215/02/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 12A, Beştepe  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRC (2999)Airbus A321-23115/02/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 28F, Gerede  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHF (35745/2748)Boeing 737-8F213/02/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2142IST-ESBSeat: 25A, Ayvalık  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVR (60030/5897)Boeing 737-8F213/02/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 12A, Kağıthane  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGF (29790/1088)Boeing 737-8F209/02/2018AnadoluJet / TK7475GZT-ESBSeat: 24A, Beşiktaş  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBS (29917/298)Boeing 737-8AS09/02/2018AnadoluJet / TK7126ESB-GZTSeat: 29A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAI (33818/1685)Boeing 737-8AS03/01/2018AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 4F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F203/01/2018AnadoluJet / TK7321DNZ-SAWSeat: 4A, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-JLU (4695)Airbus A319-13203/01/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2576IST-DNZSeat: 6F, Sultanahmet, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JTN (7274)Airbus A321-23103/01/2018Turkish Airlines / TK2107ESB-ISTSeat: 14F, Köyceğiz  Öner Demirkol
TC-JML (3382)Airbus A321-23119/12/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 26F, Eminönü  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPK (3257)Airbus A320-23219/12/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2961ESB-SAWSeat: 16D, Erdek  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGT (34417/2009)Boeing 737-8F223/11/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 7F, Avanos  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVZ (60025/6000)Boeing 737-8F223/11/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2189ESB-ISTSeat: 11F, Beştepe  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFN (29776/308)Boeing 737-8F219/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7139OGU-ESBSeat: 7E, Bitlis (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFP (29778/349)Boeing 737-8F219/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7136ESB-OGUSeat: 12E (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBZ (28628/573)Boeing 737-86N17/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7033AYT-ESBSeat: 16C  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBR (32693/1951)Boeing 737-86N17/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7480ESB-AYTSeat: 11C, Nusret  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHF (35745/2748)Boeing 737-8F214/11/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2150IST-ESBSeat: 17A, Ayvalık  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS13/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7367TZX-YEISeat: 12A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS13/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7062ESB-TZXSeat: 13D  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS12/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7011ADB-ESBSeat: 18A (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS12/11/2017AnadoluJet / TK7004ESB-ADBSeat: 28F (SF2)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYF (40982/4098)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)30/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2152IST-ESBSeat: 9F, Çırağan  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPC (2928)Airbus A320-23230/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 26F, Hasankeyf  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFR (29779/370)Boeing 737-8F229/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK7177DLM-ESBSeat: 10C, Giresun (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F227/10/2017AnadoluJet / TK7176ESB-DLMSeat: 28D, Van (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBV (32736/1113)Boeing 737-86N26/10/2017AnadoluJet / TK7019ADB-ESBSeat: 23A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCK (39428/4348)Boeing 737-8GJ25/10/2017AnadoluJet / TK7020ESB-ADBSeat: 28C  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJE (44126/1368)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)20/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 26K, Sümela  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVL (60017/5821)Boeing 737-8F220/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK1034BUD-ISTSeat: 11F, Eyüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVM (60016/5833)Boeing 737-8F213/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK1033IST-BUDSeat: 12D, Zeytinburnu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHE (35744/2733)Boeing 737-8F213/10/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 9F, Burhaniye  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFN (29776/308)Boeing 737-8F228/09/2017AnadoluJet / TK7031AYT-ESBSeat: 18F, Bitlis, go-around  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS28/09/2017AnadoluJet / TK7022ESB-AYTSeat: 11F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVS (60021/5911)Boeing 737-8F206/09/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 7C, Güngören  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYP (42014/5471)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)06/09/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 7D, Çatalca  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHB (35741/2685)Boeing 737-8F224/08/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 11B, Atışalanı  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPP (3603)Airbus A320-23223/08/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 11B, Harran, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBP (32672/1932)Boeing 737-86N18/08/2017AnadoluJet / TK7011ADB-ESBSeat: 5A, Arıburnu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F217/08/2017AnadoluJet / TK7470ESB-ADBSeat: 9B(A), Iğdır  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F220/07/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 10F, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPJ (3239)Airbus A320-23220/07/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 1A, Edremit  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRE (3126)Airbus A321-23112/07/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2186IST-ESBSeat: 12E, Beypazarı  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGS (34416/1996)Boeing 737-8F212/07/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2143ESB-ISTSeat: 8D, Kahramanmaraş  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBF (30296/1647)Boeing 737-86Q05/07/2017AnadoluJet / TK7165YEI-ESBSeat: 7D  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPT (3719)Airbus A320-23204/07/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 8F, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGN (34412/1949)Boeing 737-8F208/06/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 11E, Bilecik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMM (2916)Airbus A321-23108/06/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2123ESB-ISTSeat: 13A, Erciyes  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBV (32736/1113)Boeing 737-86N23/05/2017AnadoluJet / TK7109ADA-ESBSeat: 4F  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAH (35092/2160)Boeing 737-8FH23/05/2017AnadoluJet / TK7100ESB-ADASeat: 11F  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJB (44124/1331)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)26/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 14K, Ayasofya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVS (60021/5911)Boeing 737-8F226/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK1034BUD-ISTSeat: 12A, Güngören  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYE (40979/4044)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)23/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK1033IST-BUDSeat: 1F, Tuz Gölü  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGL (34410/1927)Boeing 737-8F223/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 14A, Karaman  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGK (34409/1924)Boeing 737-8F207/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2980SAW-ESBSeat: 5C, Kırşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPM (3341)Airbus A320-23206/04/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2965ESB-SAWSeat: 25F, Harput  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F229/03/2017AnadoluJet / TK7258SAW-ESBSeat: 16A, Iğdır  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F229/03/2017AnadoluJet / TK7319MLX-SAWSeat: 6A, Iğdır  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHD (35743/2717)Boeing 737-8F228/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2636IST-MLXSeat: 4F, Serik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRE (3126)Airbus A321-23128/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2163ESB-ISTSeat: 31A, Beypazarı  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F214/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2972SAW-ESBSeat: 12B(A), Manisa  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGB (29786/566)Boeing 737-8F214/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 8A, Foça  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGA (29785/544)Boeing 737-8F203/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2158IST-ESBSeat: 21D, Malatya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F202/03/2017Turkish Airlines / TK2961ESB-SAWSeat: 6A, Erzincan  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGO (34413/1972)Boeing 737-8F208/12/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2978SAW-ESBSeat: 12C, Kilis  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFI (29771/228)Boeing 737-8F208/12/2016AnadoluJet / TK7241ESB-SAWSeat: 9A, Sivas  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMH (3637)Airbus A321-23225/11/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 15F, Didim  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVY (60024/5983)Boeing 737-8F224/11/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2189ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Kahramankazan  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBP (32672/1932)Boeing 737-86N30/10/2016AnadoluJet / TK7177DLM-ESBSeat: 26C, Arıburnu (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS28/10/2016AnadoluJet / TK7176ESB-DLMSeat: 28D (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBV (32736/1113)Boeing 737-86N19/10/2016AnadoluJet / TK7011ADB-ESBSeat: 10C, go-around  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBN (32690/2250)Boeing 737-86N18/10/2016AnadoluJet / TK7012ESB-ADBSeat: 29F  Öner Demirkol
TC-LJG (44128/1394)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)10/10/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 15K  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYE (40979/4044)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)10/10/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1034BUD-ISTSeat: 5A, Tuz Gölü  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRS (4761)Airbus A321-23106/10/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1033IST-BUDSeat: 5F, Datça  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYA (40973/3669)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)06/10/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 24F, Selçuk  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVE (42006/4915)Boeing 737-8F204/10/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 8A, Kartal  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFF (29768/99)Boeing 737-8F204/10/2016AnadoluJet / TK7241ESB-SAWSeat: 5F, Bingöl  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPI (3208)Airbus A320-23210/08/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2186IST-ESBSeat: 9F, Doğubeyazıt  Öner Demirkol
TC-JLV (4755)Airbus A319-13210/08/2016Turkish Airlines / TK393BUS-ISTSeat: 5A, Sapanca  Öner Demirkol
TC-JUA (2404)Airbus A319-13207/08/2016Turkish Airlines / TK392IST-BUSSeat: 4F, Silivri  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFU (29781/461)Boeing 737-8F207/08/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2143ESB-ISTSeat: 23F, Elazığ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F214/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2570IST-DLMSeat: 4F, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F214/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2159ESB-ISTSeat: 12C, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JUF (2164)Airbus A320-23209/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2182IST-ESBSeat: 12F, İnegöl  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSV (6751)Airbus A321-23109/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1990LHR-ISTSeat: 8A, Ilgın  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSY (6758)Airbus A321-23102/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1997IST-LGWSeat: 30F, Merzifon  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRM (4643)Airbus A321-23102/07/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2135ESB-ISTSeat: 11F, Afyonkarahisar  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBV (32736/1113)Boeing 737-86N01/07/2016AnadoluJet / TK7013ADB-ESBSeat: 10A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVH (60012/5729)Boeing 737-8F226/05/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2178IST-ESBSeat: 22A, Marmaris  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYL (42010/5263)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)25/05/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 2B, Çorlu  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBF (30296/1647)Boeing 737-86Q22/04/2016AnadoluJet / TK 7029AYT-ESB14-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-SBF (30296/1647)Boeing 737-86Q22/05/2016AnadoluJet / TK 7029AYT-ESB14-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-JJU (60401/1256)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)30/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 15G, Büyükada  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYB (40974/3693)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)30/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1034BUD-ISTSeat: 8F, Denizli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYB (40974/3693)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)23/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1033IST-BUDSeat: 7A, Denizli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSB (5205)Airbus A321-23123/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 29F, Mut  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAH (35092/2160)Boeing 737-8FH17/04/2016AnadoluJet / TK7728ESB-AYT12-C Çok güzel bir uçuştu  Mahmut Polat
TC-LJD (44125/1361)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)15/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 43A, Selimiye  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGS (34416/1996)Boeing 737-8F214/04/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2983ESB-SAWSeat: 23F, Kahramanmaraş  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAH (264)Embraer 190-100LR08/04/2016BoraJet / BRJ 643ESB-SAW13-F 1 Saat 30 dakika rotarlıydı.  Mahmut Polat
TC-JGP (34414/1978)Boeing 737-8F224/03/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 7F, Bartın  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVJ (60015/5769)Boeing 737-8F223/03/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 24F, Başakşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS17/03/2016AnadoluJet / TK7013ADB-ESBSeat: 11A (no window)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAV (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ17/03/2016AnadoluJet / TK7004ESB-ADBSeat: 29F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-TJN (28535/480)Boeing 737-85F06/03/2016Corendon / TK7027AYT-ESBSeat: 29F  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCF (40554/5410)Boeing 737-8AS05/03/2016AnadoluJet / TK7026ESB-AYTSeat: 2F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSG (5490)Airbus A321-23104/03/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2158IST-ESBSeat: 29F, Ordu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPA (2609)Airbus A320-23203/03/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 27D, Muş  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCL (39430/4442)Boeing 737-8GJ26/02/2016AnadoluJet / TK7013ADB-ESBSeat: 26A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBG (28071/133)Boeing 737-86J25/02/2016AnadoluJet / TK7012ESB-ADBSeat: 26A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNR (1311)Airbus A330-343X17/02/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 31J, Haliç/Golden Horn  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYE (40979/4044)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)16/02/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 8A, Tuz Gölü  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBF (30296/1647)Boeing 737-86Q05/02/2016AnadoluJet / TK7258SAW-ESBSeat: 17F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JOB (1514)Airbus A330-30305/02/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2127ESB-ISTSeat: 10F, Bozcaada  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHN (40981/4082)Boeing 737-8F203/02/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2182IST-ESBSeat: 25C, Yeşilırmak (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYO (42013/5400)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)03/02/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1306AGP-ISTSeat: 26C, Ilıca (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYN (42012/5387)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)24/01/2016Turkish Airlines / TK1305IST-AGPSeat: 25D (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRZ (5118)Airbus A321-23124/01/2016Turkish Airlines / TK2107ESB-ISTSeat: 11D, Maltepe (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHD (35743/2717)Boeing 737-8F229/12/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 13A, Serik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYA (40973/3669)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)29/12/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24C, Selçuk  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSJ (5633)Airbus A321-23116/12/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2158IST-ESBSeat: 21F, Keçiören, Borussia Dortmund c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYD (40978/4020)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)15/12/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Bayburt  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAP (34755/2187)Boeing 737-76N22/11/2015AnadoluJet / TK7165YEI-ESB17-F Lodos fırtınası içinde Bursa'dan kalkış ilginçti.  Mahmut Polat
TC-SBP (32672/1932)Boeing 737-86N24/11/2015AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 10A, Arıburnu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JJK (40711/916)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)22/11/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2127ESB-ISTSeat: 47K, Akdeniz  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYE (40979/4044)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)19/11/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2186IST-ESBSeat: 9B, Tuz Gölü  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYG (40983/4110)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)19/11/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2189ESB-ISTSeat: 9B, Ünye  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAP (34755/2187)Boeing 737-76N28/10/2015AnadoluJet / TK7165YEI-ESB10-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS17/11/2015AnadoluJet / TK7011ADB-ESBSeat: 29A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBG (28071/133)Boeing 737-86J16/11/2015AnadoluJet / TK7014ESB-ADBSeat: 29A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYL (42010/5263)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)19/10/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2182IST-ESBSeat: 9A, (No Window)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JUK (2602)Airbus A320-23219/10/2015Turkish Airlines / TK1866FCO-ISTSeat: 9A, Palandöken  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F215/10/2015Turkish Airlines / TK1837SAW-FCOSeat: 23F, Erzincan  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F215/10/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 12A, Midyat  Öner Demirkol
TC-SCD (41805/5325)Boeing 737-8Q809/10/2015AnadoluJet / TK7177DLM-ESBSeat: 21D  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBJ (29916/210)Boeing 737-8AS07/10/2015AnadoluJet / TK7176ESB-DLMSeat: 29A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JJS (44117/1222)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)29/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 24C, Zigana  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGO (34413/1972)Boeing 737-8F229/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Kilis  Öner Demirkol
TC-JDN (180)Airbus A340-313X07/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 11K, Adana  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGR (34415/1988)Boeing 737-8F207/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Uşak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JDN (180)Airbus A340-313X04/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 16A, Adana  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGJ (34408/1880)Boeing 737-8F204/09/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25C, Aydın  Öner Demirkol
TC-JVC (42005/4886)Boeing 737-8F227/08/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 7A, Şahinbey  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFT (29780/454)Boeing 737-8F226/08/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Kastamonu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGP (34414/1978)Boeing 737-8F205/08/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 22F, Bartın  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFK (29773/259)Boeing 737-8F204/08/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Zonguldak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F222/07/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 6A, Abant  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGR (34415/1988)Boeing 737-8F221/07/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2107ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Uşak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F224/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK422VKO-ESBSeat: 22C, Erzincan (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F219/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK421ESB-VKOSeat: 22D, Van (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGH (34406/1852)Boeing 737-8F211/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2178IST-ESBSeat: 21A, Tokat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGI (34407/1873)Boeing 737-8F210/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2309ADB-ISTSeat: 8A, Siirt  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAV (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ09/06/2015AnadoluJet / TK7006ESB-ADBSeat: 30F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFI (29771/228)Boeing 737-8F204/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2178IST-ESBSeat: 25A, Sivas, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHP (42000/4336)Boeing 737-8F202/06/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24F, Dicle  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F228/05/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 25F, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFU (29781/461)Boeing 737-8F227/05/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Elazığ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JJE (40707/895)Boeing 777-3F2(ER)16/05/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 19A, Dolmabahçe, (Premium economy)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNA (697)Airbus A330-20310/05/2015Turkish Airlines / TK1887IST-VIESeat: 16B, Gaziantep  Öner Demirkol
TC-JIH (270)Airbus A340-313X10/05/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 12K, Kocaeli  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAN (367)Embraer 190-100LR03/05/2015AnadoluJet / TK7183TEQ-ESBSeat: 11D, İstanbul (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAP (34755/2187)Boeing 737-76N30/04/2015AnadoluJet / TK7182ESB-TEQSeat: 22C (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-AIS (38174/3857)Boeing 737-82R31/03/2015Pegasus Airlines / PC-105ESB-SAW22-B Koltuk arızalıydı kabin görevlisinin izniyle 23-A geçtim, 23-C deki Koltukta arızalıydı...  Mahmut Polat
TC-SAL (34758/2266)Boeing 737-76N31/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7248SAW-ESB-  Mahmut Polat
TC-SBZ (28628/573)Boeing 737-86N29/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7103ADA-ESBSeat: 15F  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAZ (34759/2320)Boeing 737-7GL28/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7100ESB-ADASeat:26F, Akçakoca  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBN (32690/2250)Boeing 737-86N05/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7013ADB-ESBSeat: 30A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS04/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7012ESB-ADBSeat: 30A, go-around  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS01/03/2015AnadoluJet / TK7029AYT-ESBSeat: 16C  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAU (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ28/02/2015AnadoluJet / TK7026ESB-AYTSeat: 30A, Pamukkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNB (704)Airbus A330-20325/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 33K, Konya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKJ (34297/1808)Boeing 737-75225/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK0393BUS-ISTSeat: 8F, Eyüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGA (29785/544)Boeing 737-8F222/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK0392IST-BUSSeat: 7F, Malatya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFR (29779/370)Boeing 737-8F222/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Giresun  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F219/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2978SAW-ESBSeat: 25A, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFD (29766/87)Boeing 737-8F216/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2961ESB-SAWSeat: 25A, Artvin  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAL (34758/2266)Boeing 737-76N06/02/2015AnadoluJet / TK7183TEQ-ESBSeat: 23D, Abant  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNJ (1170)Airbus A330-343X03/02/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2123ESB-ISTSeat: 32A, Kapadokya  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAV (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ09/01/2015AnadoluJet / TK7003ADB-ESBSeat: 8D, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS08/01/2015AnadoluJet / TK7004ESB-ADBSeat: 5F  Öner Demirkol
TC-AHP (40721/3600)Boeing 737-82R05/12/2014Pegasus Airlines / 106SAW-ESB-24 A  Mahmut Polat
TC-AIS (38174/3857)Boeing 737-82R01/12/2014Pegasus Airlines / PC105ESB-SAW26-C  Mahmut Polat
TC-JGK (34409/1924)Boeing 737-8F227/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2976SAW-ESBSeat: 10A, Kırşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGO (34413/1972)Boeing 737-8F226/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2961ESB-SAWSeat: 26D, Kilis  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS20/11/2014AnadoluJet / TK7011ADB-ESBSeat: 31F  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS19/11/2014AnadoluJet / TK7008ESB-ADBSeat: 29F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGF (29790/1088)Boeing 737-8F215/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2168IST-ESBSeat: 9A, Ardahan  Öner Demirkol
TC-JIN (932)Airbus A330-20215/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK1938BRU-ISTSeat: 35A, Tarabya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRO (4682)Airbus A321-23108/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK1939IST-BRUSeat: 32F, Uludağ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRI (3405)Airbus A321-23108/11/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2139ESB-ISTSeat: 18F, Adıyaman  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSF (5465)Airbus A321-23128/10/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 20D, Niğde  Öner Demirkol
TC-JYH (40984/4134)Boeing 737-9F2(ER)28/10/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2189ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Of  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAO (34753/2165)Boeing 737-76N21/10/2014AnadoluJet / TK7183TEQ-ESBSeat: 23A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAD (34754/2172)Boeing 737-76N19/10/2014AnadoluJet / TK7180ESB-TEQSeat: 23F, Muğla  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFP (29778/349)Boeing 737-8F210/10/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2976SAW-ESBSeat: 25A, Amasya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHZ (42004/4814)Boeing 737-8F209/10/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, İznik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFV (29782/490)Boeing 737-8F210/07/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2976SAW-ESBSeat: 13F, Tunceli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F209/07/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25F, Erzincan  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAD (34754/2172)Boeing 737-76N06/06/2014AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Muğla  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFD (29766/87)Boeing 737-8F205/06/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESB-SAWSeat: 25A, Artvin  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAV (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ24/04/2014AnadoluJet / TK7067TZX-ESBSeat: 8F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBJ (29916/210)Boeing 737-8AS23/04/2014AnadoluJet / TK7062ESB-TZXSeat: 30F  Öner Demirkol
TC-SBM (29918/307)Boeing 737-8AS10/04/2014AnadoluJet / TK7248SAW-ESBSeat: 31A  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFR (29779/370)Boeing 737-8F209/04/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Giresun  Öner Demirkol
TC-JSC (5254)Airbus A321-23120/02/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 30A, Arnavutköy  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGV (34419/2021)Boeing 737-8F218/02/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 26A, Çeşme  Öner Demirkol
TC-CPA (40725/3909)Boeing 737-82R08/02/2014Pegasus Airlines / PC982VIE-ESBSeat: 8D, Sena (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFN (29776/308)Boeing 737-8F231/01/2014Turkish Airlines / TK1637IST-MUCSeat: 25D, Bitlis (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHP (42000/4336)Boeing 737-8F231/01/2014Turkish Airlines / TK2159ESB-ISTSeat: 24C, Dicle (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAO (34753/2165)Boeing 737-76N28/01/2014AnadoluJet / TK7183TEQ-ESBSeat: 23A  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAZ (34759/2320)Boeing 737-7GL26/01/2014AnadoluJet / TK7182ESB-TEQSeat: 23F, Akçakoca  Öner Demirkol
TC-CPC (40878/3972)Boeing 737-82R28/11/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC140SAW-AYTUçak kalkmadan havalimanında yağmur vardı ve hava karanlıktı. Kalkıştan birkaç dakika sonra güneşin Mustafa ÖZGÜLEŞ
TC-JRY (5083)Airbus A321-23105/12/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2168IST-ESBSeat: 31A, Beyoğlu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F204/12/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 26A, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-CPB (38177/3947)Boeing 737-82R16/11/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC470BCN-SAWSeat: 10C, Doğa (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-CPI (40014/4298)Boeing 737-82R09/11/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC469SAW-BCNSeat: 11D, Almira (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAN (38173/3011)Boeing 737-82R16/11/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC4102SAW-ESBSeat: 22C, Merve (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAZ (40875/3325)Boeing 737-82R09/11/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC4107ESB-SAWSeat: 13A, Mina (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFE (29767/95)Boeing 737-8F225/10/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2906SAW-ESBSeat: 26F, Hatay  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFP (29778/349)Boeing 737-8F224/10/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 26D, Amasya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFF (29768/99)Boeing 737-8F224/09/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2906SAW-ESBSeat: 12B, Bingöl  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F224/09/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 25F, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAE (35700/2435)Boeing 737-82R20/09/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC112SAW-ESBSeat: 26F, Hayırlı  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFG (29769/102)Boeing 737-8F218/09/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 26F, Mardin  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAJ (33819/1691)Boeing 737-8AS15/09/2013AnadoluJet / TK7175DLM-ESBSeat: 29C (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS12/09/2013AnadoluJet / TK7174ESB-DLMSeat: 29D (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHD (35743/2717)Boeing 737-8F219/07/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 7A, Serik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGL (34410/1927)Boeing 737-8F218/07/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Karaman  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAC (701)ATR-72-212A28/06/2013BoraJet / YB345DLM-ESBSeat: 16D, Ceylan  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAD (702)ATR-72-212A26/06/2013BoraJet / YB344ESB-DLMSeat: 3A, Orhan  Öner Demirkol
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R21/06/2013Pegasus Airlines / PC106SAW-ESBSeat: 5D  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F220/06/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Midyat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFF (29768/99)Boeing 737-8F208/05/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 25D, Bingöl  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F207/05/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 25D, Manisa  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGI (34407/1873)Boeing 737-8F221/03/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2142IST-ESBSeat: 17D, Siirt  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAG (32420/1341)Boeing 737-73V20/03/2013AnadoluJet / TK7243ESB-SAWSeat: 23F, Sarıkamış  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNJ (1170)Airbus A330-343X16/11/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 33K, Kapadokya  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAK (33820/1696)Boeing 737-8AS15/11/2012AnadoluJet / TK7243ESB-SAWSeat: 30A  Öner Demirkol
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R27/09/2012Pegasus Airlines / PC106SAW-ESBSeat: 22E  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHB (35741/2685)Boeing 737-8F227/09/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 25A, Safranbolu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFK (29773/259)Boeing 737-8F220/09/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 21B, Zonguldak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F219/09/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Denizli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKM (34755/2187)Boeing 737-76N27/08/2012AnadoluJet / TK7154ESB-DLMSeat: 22A, Kalkan  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAK (35094/2195)Boeing 737-8FH07/08/2012Pegasus Airlines / PC216SAW-ECNSeat: 26F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-ANP (40722/3637)Boeing 737-82R02/08/2012Pegasus Airlines / PC211ECN-SAWSeat: 4A, Lidya  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JFU (29781/461)Boeing 737-8F202/08/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 26A, Elazığ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRC (2999)Airbus A321-23131/07/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 32E, Sakarya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPS (3718)Airbus A320-23226/09/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2466IST-ADALanding Runway 23 in Adana.  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-SAE (34757/2241)Boeing 737-76N18/07/2012AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPU (3896)Airbus A320-21417/07/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Salihli  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAE (34757/2241)Boeing 737-76N28/06/2012AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGT (34417/2009)Boeing 737-8F226/06/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Avanos  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAL (34758/2266)Boeing 737-76N20/06/2012AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Abant  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFR (29779/370)Boeing 737-8F219/06/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Giresun  Öner Demirkol
TC-ETD (15065)Canadair CRJ-90004/07/2006AtlasGlobal / KK27ADM-ISTİlk bindiğim uçak  İlhan Akbasak
TC-ETF (1438)Airbus A321-23101/01/2012AtlasGlobal / KK1012IST-ECNSeat: 20A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F215/05/2012Turkish Airlines / TK0969ECN-ISTSeat: 22A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JKL (34753/2165)Boeing 737-76N01/06/2012AnadoluJet / TK7090ESB-KSYSeat: 25A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JKP (34759/2320)Boeing 737-7GL01/06/2012AnadoluJet / TK7240SAW-ESBSeat: 21A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JML (3382)Airbus A321-23103/06/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2727KSY-ISTSeat: 25A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JHH (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ31/05/2012AnadoluJet / TK7007ADB-ESBSeat: 10A, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ31/05/2012AnadoluJet / TK7010ESB-ADBSeat: 30A, Pamukkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKR (34760/2352)Boeing 737-7GL27/05/2012AnadoluJet / TK7025AYT-ESBSeat: 22A, Gelibolu  Öner Demirkol
TC-SAE (34757/2241)Boeing 737-76N25/05/2012AnadoluJet / TK7016ESB-AYTSeat: 25F, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPC (2928)Airbus A320-23223/05/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 12E(D), Hasankeyf  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGJ (34408/1880)Boeing 737-8F222/05/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Aydın  Öner Demirkol
TC-AMP (40723/3622)Boeing 737-82R10/05/2012Pegasus Airlines / PC112SAW-ESBSeat: 10A, Nil  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAV (40696/3295)Boeing 737-82R10/05/2012Pegasus Airlines / PC103ESB-SAWSeat: 10A, Sude Naz  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAC (701)ATR-72-212A07/05/2012BoraJet / YB0345DLM-ESBSeat: 9A, Ceylan (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-YAF (982)ATR-72-212A04/05/2012BoraJet / YB0346ESB-DLMSeat: 3A, Erol (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKM (34755/2187)Boeing 737-76N20/04/2012AnadoluJet / thy7134ESB-SZF22B-23 Nisan tatili dolayısıyla uçakta bir tane bile boş koltuk yoktu.  Muzaffer Karaman
TC-JGD (29788/791)Boeing 737-8F218/04/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2164IST-ESBSeat: 26F, Nevşehir  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGI (34407/1873)Boeing 737-8F217/04/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Siirt  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHL (40976/3870)Boeing 737-8F203/04/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2154IST-ESBSeat: 8A, Ünye, special "globally yours" c/s, sky interior cabin.  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFT (29780/454)Boeing 737-8F203/04/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 14F, Kastamonu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPO (3567)Airbus A320-23230/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 18F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFD (29766/87)Boeing 737-8F229/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Artvin, new c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPO (3567)Airbus A320-23223/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2168IST-ESBSeat: 21A, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRF (3207)Airbus A321-23122/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2119ESB-ISTSeat: 32F, Fethiye  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPI (3208)Airbus A320-23215/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2168IST-ESBSeat: 15B, Doğubeyazıt  Öner Demirkol
TC-JLP (2655)Airbus A319-13214/03/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2119ESB-ISTSeat: 10F, Köyceğiz  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRF (3207)Airbus A321-23122/02/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2166IST-ESBSeat: 25B, Fethiye  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRL (3539)Airbus A321-23121/02/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2119ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Tarsus  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKH (34757/2241)Boeing 737-76N12/01/2012AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 20D, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPT (3719)Airbus A320-23211/01/2012Turkish Airlines / TK2119ESB-ISTSeat: 25A, Ürgüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHE (35744/2733)Boeing 737-8F216/12/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 28F, Burhaniye  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F215/12/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 27A, Erzincan  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFD (29766/87)Boeing 737-8F206/12/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2164IST-ESBSeat: 14F, Artvin  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRF (3207)Airbus A321-23106/12/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 11A, Fethiye  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAI (35699/2712)Boeing 737-82R28/11/2011Pegasus Airlines / PG-117ADM-SAWSEAT: 12A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-AAE (35700/2435)Boeing 737-82R25/11/2011Pegasus Airlines / PG119SAW-ADMSEAT: 14A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F220/11/2011Turkish Airlines / TK1986LHR-ISTKOLTUK: 23A  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JII (331)Airbus A340-313X09/11/2011Turkish Airlines / TK1979IST-LHRKOLTUK: 23A TOPLAM KM: 2530 TOPLAM SÜRE: 3:10  İlhan Akbasak
TC-JPK (3257)Airbus A320-23217/11/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2162IST-ESBSeat: 20D, Erdek  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F216/11/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 7F, Iğdır, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-OBM (640)Airbus A320-23215/11/2011Onur Air / 058IST-ADB27F  Alp Kocabaş
TC-IZR (2414)Airbus A319-13202/11/2011IzAir / PC2812ADB-ISTseat 4A  Alp Kocabaş
TC-JRA (2823)Airbus A321-23114/10/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2170IST-ESBSeat: 7A, Kütahya, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRE (3126)Airbus A321-23114/10/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 11F, Trabzon  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPV (3931)Airbus A320-21404/10/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 11B, Şişli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKP (34759/2320)Boeing 737-7GL04/10/2011AnadoluJet / TK7243ESB-SAWSeat: 22A, Akçakoca  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRM (4643)Airbus A321-23123/07/2011Turkish Airlines / TK1528DUS-IST-  Yakup Sermet Tezcan
TC-ETN (614)Airbus A321-13108/08/2011AtlasGlobal / KK1014IST-ECNSeat: 08F, it was a nice flight...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JEV (26085/2468)Boeing 737-4Y015/12/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0962ESB-MSRİlk uçuşum. Vatani görevim için MUŞ'a gidiyordum. Uçuş 12:00 da idi ama yoğun sis nedeniyle epey röt Kaan Sezer
TC-AGP (40728/3579)Boeing 737-82R30/07/2011Pegasus Airlines / PC211ECN-SAWSeat: 28A, Şebnem...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-CCP (37746/3109)Boeing 737-86J18/04/2011Pegasus Airlines / PC216SAW-ECNSeat: 27F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-AAH (35701/2496)Boeing 737-82R16/04/2011Pegasus Airlines / PC211ECN-SAWSeat: 29A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JRB (2868)Airbus A321-23127/07/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2454IST-ADA-seat 5E  Mustafa Saçıkaralı
TC-JDT (25261/2258)Boeing 737-4Y002/07/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2467ADA-IST-seat 7E  Mustafa Saçıkaralı
TC-JGJ (34408/1880)Boeing 737-8F210/06/2011AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 30A, Aydın  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRE (3126)Airbus A321-23110/06/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 33A, Trabzon  Öner Demirkol
TC-ONR (53550/2187)McDonnell Douglas MD-8815/02/2008Onur Air / OHY 029BJV-IST-Son üretilen MD-88 ile uçtum.Çok hoş bakımlı,güzel bir uçaktı.Çok kaliteliydi.  Talu Erdener
TC-ONP (53549/2185)McDonnell Douglas MD-8816/02/2008Onur Air / OHY 028IST-BJV-Bakımlıydı.Onur air titizliği her yerinden anlaşılıyordu.Muhteşem McDonnell Douglas kalitesiyle çok Talu Erdener
TC-ONN (53547/2176)McDonnell Douglas MD-8804/09/2009Onur Air / OHY 028IST-BJV-Yepyeni olmasa da temiz ve bakımlıydı.Koltukları AC-DEF sistemiyle gidiyordu.Hoş bir uçaktı.Önde 5. Talu Erdener
TC-OAV (53520/2137)McDonnell Douglas MD-8316/07/2009Onur Air / OHY 028IST-BJV-1996 imalatı olan uçağın koltukları çok kaliteli olması ve kemerin üstünde Onur Air amblemi olması Talu Erdener
TC-JGN (34412/1949)Boeing 737-8F227/05/2011AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 24A, Bilecik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F226/05/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 27A, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPD (2934)Airbus A320-23217/05/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2906SAW-ESBSeat: 8A, Isparta  Öner Demirkol
TC-ANP (40722/3637)Boeing 737-82R17/05/2011Pegasus Airlines / PC103ESB-SAWSeat:10A, Lidya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JNI (1160)Airbus A330-343X08/04/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2178IST-ESBSeat: 38A, Konak. Nice surprise!  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPJ (3239)Airbus A320-23208/04/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 27F, Edremit  Öner Demirkol
TC-JKP (34759/2320)Boeing 737-7GL06/04/2011AnadoluJet / TK7254SAW-ESBSeat: 16D, Akçakoca  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRA (2823)Airbus A321-23105/04/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 11E, Kütahya  Öner Demirkol
TC-ETF (1438)Airbus A321-23106/02/2011AtlasGlobal / KK1014IST-ECN32F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JFK (29773/259)Boeing 737-8F203/02/2011Turkish Airlines / TK7381ECN-SAW27A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JHH (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ05/02/2011AnadoluJet / TK7002ADB-ESBSeat: 5C, Kemer, (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHI (35092/2160)Boeing 737-8FH04/02/2011AnadoluJet / TK7002ESB-ADBSeat: 29E, Hendek, (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGM (34411/1944)Boeing 737-8F225/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2158IST-ESBSeat: 24F, Hakkari  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPF (2984)Airbus A320-23224/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 26A, Yozgat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGB (29786/566)Boeing 737-8F220/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2164IST-ESBSeat: 10F, Foça  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMH (3637)Airbus A321-23219/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 29E, Didim  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRB (2868)Airbus A321-23114/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2174IST-ESBSeat: 25C, Şanlıurfa  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F213/01/2011Turkish Airlines / TK2117ESB-ISTSeat: 17A, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-SNE (29684/2539)Boeing 737-8HX16/12/2009SunExpress / XQ9153SAW-ADBSeat:16B  İlhan
TC-APR (24685/1859)Boeing 737-4Y009/12/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9117ADB-SAWSeat-17A  İlhan
TC-ETN (614)Airbus A321-13112/08/2009AtlasGlobal / KK1011ECN-IST15A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-ETM (604)Airbus A321-13116/08/2010AtlasGlobal / KK1016IST-ECN29A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-ETM (604)Airbus A321-13111/08/2010AtlasGlobal / KK1011ECN-IST26A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-APR (24685/1859)Boeing 737-4Y004/07/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC216IST-ECN26F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-AAT (40872/3227)Boeing 737-82R04/07/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC402ORY-IST22A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-AAS (40871/3212)Boeing 737-82R28/06/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC401IST-ORY22F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-AAV (40696/3295)Boeing 737-82R28/06/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC501ECN-IST24F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R03/10/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC226HTY-ECN26F  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-AAL (35984/2937)Boeing 737-82R27/09/2010Pegasus Airlines / PC225ECN-HTYSeat: 30A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-SNJ (30827/1632)Boeing 737-86J18/09/2010SunExpress / XQ 9103ADA-ADB  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JKH (34757/2241)Boeing 737-76N28/08/2010AnadoluJet / TK7154ESB-DLMSeat: 25F, Ihlara  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGL (34410/1927)Boeing 737-8F221/08/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2150IST-ESB7A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFE (29767/95)Boeing 737-8F214/08/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2160IST-ESB12A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ10/08/2010AnadoluJet / TK7005ADB-SAW  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-SKK (148)Airbus A320-21125/07/2010Sky Airlines / TK7027AYT-ESBFlight for AnadoluJet  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-SKJ (138)Airbus A320-21111/07/2010Sky Airlines / TK7100ESB-ADAFlight for Anadolujet  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JHF (35745/2748)Boeing 737-8F206/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2466IST-ADASeat: 19F  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-JFJ (29772/242)Boeing 737-8F226/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2913ESB-SAW26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JGA (29785/544)Boeing 737-8F219/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK7031SAW-ESB26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JPN (3558)Airbus A320-23210/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2928SAW-ESB-  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFM (29775/279)Boeing 737-8F210/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAW  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F201/06/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2928SAW-ESBSeat: 26A, Manisa  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFP (29778/349)Boeing 737-8F231/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 27A, Amasya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRB (2868)Airbus A321-23129/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2956SAW-ESB11A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFO (29777/309)Boeing 737-8F221/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2956SAW-ESBSeat: 9A, Edirne  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F221/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESB-SAWSeat: 7F, Midyat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGY (35738/2592)Boeing 737-8F218/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2956SAW-ESBSeat: 19A, Manavgat, Barcelona c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGF (29790/1088)Boeing 737-8F218/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK7005ADB-ESBSeat 26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JPI (3208)Airbus A320-23217/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2951ESB-SAWSeat: 24A, Doğubeyazıt  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFG (29769/102)Boeing 737-8F213/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2136IST-ESBSeat: 27F, Mardin  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F212/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 10B, Iğdır, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23213/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2928SAW-ESB  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFN (29776/308)Boeing 737-8F227/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2928SAW-ESBSeat 26A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JGM (34411/1944)Boeing 737-8F227/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2956SAW-ESBSeat: 24B, Hakkari, (SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23226/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2951ESB-SAWSeat: 25B, Göreme ,(SF)  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F219/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2132IST-ESBSeat: 17F, Van  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFT (29780/454)Boeing 737-8F219/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2109ESB-ISTSeat: 26F, Kastamonu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRI (3405)Airbus A321-23108/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2144IST-ESBSeat: 17F, Adıyaman  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPK (3257)Airbus A320-23207/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 09A, Erdek  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F201/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2956SAW-ESBSeat: 8F, Denizli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPC (2928)Airbus A320-23201/04/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2111ESB-ISTSeat: 11A, Hasankeyf  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAF (29122/2991)Boeing 737-53E16/03/2010Pegasus Airlines / H9 108SAW-ESB10 F  Mahmut Polat
TC-AAG (29234/3068)Boeing 737-5L916/03/2010Pegasus Airlines / H9 105ESB-SAW21-A  Mahmut Polat
TC-JME (1219)Airbus A321-21111/03/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0140IST-ESBSeat: 34A, Burdur  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFO (29777/309)Boeing 737-8F211/03/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 11A, Edirne  Öner Demirkol
TC-SGE (25775/2925)Boeing 737-48E20/02/2010Saga Airlines / TK0942ESB-DIYSeat: 26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-ETF (1438)Airbus A321-23113/02/2010AtlasGlobal / KK1012IST-ECNSeat: 35F...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-ETH (968)Airbus A321-23109/02/2010AtlasGlobal / KK1011ECN-ISTSeat: 32A...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-IZL (1730)Airbus A320-23313/02/2010IzAir / 4I2131ESB-ADBSeat: 13A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-AAO (28619/534)Boeing 737-86N16/01/2010Pegasus Airlines / H9145AYT-SAW30F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JKI (34758/2266)Boeing 737-76N21/11/2009AnadoluJet / TK0923ADA-ESB12A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-SUM (28826/238)Boeing 737-85F05/12/2009SunExpress / XQ9127ADA-ADB32A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JKM (34298/1812)Boeing 737-76N09/01/2010AnadoluJet / TK0995SAW-ESB23A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JGJ (34408/1880)Boeing 737-8F219/12/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0858SAW-ESB26A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-AAK (35094/2195)Boeing 737-8FH26/12/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9117ADB-SAW15F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-AAL (35984/2937)Boeing 737-82R14/11/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9144SAW-AYT30F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-AAL (35984/2937)Boeing 737-82R02/01/2010Pegasus Airlines / H9128SAW-ADA15F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-AAJ (35702/2810)Boeing 737-82R31/01/2010Pegasus Airlines / H9145AYT-SAW30F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JLK (1909)Airbus A320-23227/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0858SAW-ESBSeat: 4D(F), Kırklareli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRG (3283)Airbus A321-23126/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 19F, Finike  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFZ (29784/539)Boeing 737-8F221/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0152IST-ESBSeat: 10A, Bolu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPT (3719)Airbus A320-23221/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0851ESB-SAWSeat: 7A, Ürgüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGR (34415/1988)Boeing 737-8F213/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0146IST-ESBSeat: 25F, Uşak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPT (3719)Airbus A320-23213/01/2010Turkish Airlines / TK0851ESB-SAWSeat: 9A, Ürgüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAG (29234/3068)Boeing 737-5L920/11/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9 108SAW-ESB9-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-AAG (29234/3068)Boeing 737-5L920/11/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9 105ESB-SAW1-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F220/09/2009Turkish Airlines / TK1908ZRH-IST  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-JMF (1233)Airbus A321-21104/11/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0146IST-ESBSeat: 23D, Bingöl  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F204/11/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0113ESB-ISTSeat: 09A, Midyat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMC (806)Airbus A321-23116/10/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0144IST-ESBSeat: 30A, Aksaray  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPH (3185)Airbus A320-23215/10/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 20A, Kars  Öner Demirkol
TC-SNI (29671/1700)Boeing 737-8FH10/10/2009SunExpress / XQ9135SAW-ADB-  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFL (29774/269)Boeing 737-8F208/10/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0148IST-ESBSeat: 9A, Ordu  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGJ (34408/1880)Boeing 737-8F208/10/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0107ESB-ISTSeat: 10A, Aydın  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAH (35701/2496)Boeing 737-82R13/09/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9216SAW-ECNSeat:30F... (Named 'HANIM'...)  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R13/09/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9216SAW-ECNSeat:30F... (Named 'Hanım'...)  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R11/09/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9211ECN-SAWSeat:27A... BEKO - Home Appliances...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-CTA (35643/2884)Boeing 737-86N16/09/2009Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK001ECN-ISTIt was a really nice flight.  Can Acar
TC-TLA (25107/2526)Boeing 737-4Q808/09/2009Tailwind Airlines / KK1012IST-ECN-  Can Acar
TC-TUC (614)Airbus A321-13112/08/2009Best Air / KK1011ECN-ISTATLASJET... Seat: 15A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-OGJ (676)Airbus A320-23217/08/2009AtlasGlobal / KK1016IST-ECNSeat: 14A  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JPH (3185)Airbus A320-23212/08/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0148IST-ESBSeat: 25F, Kars  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAD (28201/2999)Boeing 737-5Q812/08/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9103ESB-SAWSeat: 9E, Beko c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFU (29781/461)Boeing 737-8F201/08/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0852SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Elazığ  Öner Demirkol
TC-JLP (2655)Airbus A319-13231/07/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 20A, Köyceğiz  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPT (3719)Airbus A320-23221/07/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0140IST-ESBSeat: 20D, Ürgüp  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGN (34412/1949)Boeing 737-8F221/07/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 8F, Bilecik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGY (35738/2592)Boeing 737-8F210/07/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0154IST-ESBSeat: 6F, Manavgat  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFL (29774/269)Boeing 737-8F210/07/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 10A, Ordu  Öner Demirkol
TC-IZA (2118)Airbus A320-23306/07/2009IzAir / H9103ESB-SAW-  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JDG (25181/2203)Boeing 737-4Y024/06/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0140IST-ESBSeat: 12A, Marmaris  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAG (29234/3068)Boeing 737-5L923/06/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9103ESB-SAWSeat: 14F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRC (2999)Airbus A321-23112/06/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0140IST-ESBSeat: 12F, Sakarya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPH (3185)Airbus A320-23211/06/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0113ESB-ISTSeat: 12A, Kars  Öner Demirkol
TC-ETJ (974)Airbus A321-23115/05/2009AtlasGlobal / KK1012IST-ECNThat was a beautiful morning, aircraft. 45min. delayed flight. Cockpit was also awesome!  Can Acar
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ15/04/2009AnadoluJet / TK908ESB-ADB23e-  Muzaffer Karaman
TC-JMK (3738)Airbus A321-23217/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK147İST-ESB-  İlker Tatlıdil
TC-JME (1219)Airbus A321-21117/04/2009Turkish Airlines / tk0104ist-esb-  İlker Tatlıdil
TC-JRG (3283)Airbus A321-23116/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0140IST-ESBSeat: 24A, Finike  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPR (3654)Airbus A320-23216/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0113ESB-ISTSeat: 09F, Kuşadası  Öner Demirkol
TC-JMF (1233)Airbus A321-21108/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK136IST-ESB26 A Mahmut Polat
TC-JPM (3341)Airbus A320-23210/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0142IST-ESBSeat: 20A, Harput  Öner Demirkol
TC-AAG (29234/3068)Boeing 737-5L908/04/2009Pegasus Airlines / H9 183ESB-SAW5-F  Mahmut Polat
TC-JFG (29769/102)Boeing 737-8F209/04/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 7F, Mardin  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGZ (35739/2654)Boeing 737-8F201/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK1909ZRH-ISTvery nice flight to istanbul, landing on rwy 24  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-JGS (34416/1996)Boeing 737-8F225/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0146IST-ESBSeat: 12B, Kahramanmaraş  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFF (29768/99)Boeing 737-8F224/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0113ESB-ISTSeat: 22A, Afyonkarahisar  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFI (29771/228)Boeing 737-8F211/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0130IST-ESBSeat: 25E, Sivas, Star Alliance c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFV (29782/490)Boeing 737-8F210/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 24A, Tunceli  Öner Demirkol
TC-SNC (26273/597)Boeing 757-2Q806/03/2009SunExpress / XQ 9194ERZ-IZMErzurum - İzmir Seat 1A  Emre Eroglu
TC-KTY (1012)Airbus A321-21120/02/2005Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK---FRA-ECN-  Bahaddin Otar Ünveren
TC-MSO (29246/475)Boeing 737-8S328/12/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK44ESB-ECN-  Bahaddin Otar Ünveren
TC-MAO (28645/840)Boeing 737-86N26/12/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK43ECN-ESB-  Bahaddin Otar Ünveren
TC-JCO (386)Airbus A310-20305/04/2003Turkish Airlines / YK001IST-ECN-  Bahaddin Otar Ünveren
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ07/03/2009AnadoluJet / TK0964ESB-ERZAnkara-Erzurum "1A"  Emre Eroglu
TC-SKJ (138)Airbus A320-21122/02/2009Sky Airlines / KK1016IST-ECNSeat: 07A. Atlasjetin bir uçuşuydu...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-TCD (3086)Airbus A320-23220/02/2009Turkuaz Airlines / KK1011ECN-ISTSeat: 27A. Atlasjet...  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JGB (29786/566)Boeing 737-8F203/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0136IST-ESBSeat: 8F, Foça  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGL (34410/1927)Boeing 737-8F203/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 8A, Karaman  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGN (34412/1949)Boeing 737-8F224/02/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0136IST-ESBSeat: 14F, Bilecik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPC (2928)Airbus A320-23224/02/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 7A, Hasankeyf  Öner Demirkol
TC-JFR (29779/370)Boeing 737-8F217/02/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0148IST-ESBSeat: 23A, Giresun  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F217/02/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 23A, Denizli  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHH (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ08/02/2009AnadoluJet / Tk935SZF-ESB25-A  Muzaffer Karaman
TC-JFO (29777/309)Boeing 737-8F202/06/2008Turkish Airlines / TK965ERZ-ESB  Emre Erol
TC-APU (29344/849)Boeing 737-82R21/04/2007Pegasus Airlines / H9198ERZ-ESBPEGASUS AIRLINES TC-APU  Emre Erol
TC-AAK (35094/2195)Boeing 737-8FH04/04/2007Pegasus Airlines / H9197ESB-ERZ-  Emre Erol
TC-AAP (32736/1113)Boeing 737-86N13/02/2008Pegasus Airlines / H9197ESB-ERZ-  Emre Erol
TC-SUL (28822/166)Boeing 737-85F20/01/2009SunExpress / XQ9235ERZ---ERZURUM-BURSA  Emre Erol
TC-JEZ (26088/2487)Boeing 737-4Y013/07/2008AnadoluJet / TK966ESB-ERZANKARA-ERZURUM Seat: 1A TC-JEZ  Emre Erol
TC-JHI (35092/2160)Boeing 737-8FH06/01/2009AnadoluJet / TK967ESB-ERZANKARA-ERZURUM  Emre Erol
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ13/11/2008AnadoluJet / TK964ESB-ERZANKARA-ERZURUM  Emre Erol
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ14/11/2008AnadoluJet / TK966ESB-ERZANKARA-ERZURUM  Emre Erol
TC-JEV (26085/2468)Boeing 737-4Y018/10/2008AnadoluJet / TK964ESB-ERZ-  Emre Erol
TC-JKG (34754/2172)Boeing 737-76N13/01/2009AnadoluJet / TK966ESB-ERZ  Emre Erol
TC-JDT (25261/2258)Boeing 737-4Y003/07/2008AnadoluJet / TK934ESB-SZFSeat-16D  Muzaffer Karaman
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ09/01/2009AnadoluJet / TK0909ADB-ESBSeat: 4A, Pamukkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHH (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ09/01/2009AnadoluJet / TK0902ESB-ADBSeat: 24F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-IZR (2414)Airbus A319-13226/12/2008IzAir / H92405AYT-ADA22F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JET (26077/2425)Boeing 737-4Y026/12/2008AnadoluJet / TK912ESB-AYT26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-ONY (37)Airbus A300B2K-3C28/12/2008Onur Air / TK115IST-ESB-  Fatih Özgenç
TC-JHA (35740/2673)Boeing 737-8F224/12/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0128IST-ESBSeat: 15F, Mudanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPC (2928)Airbus A320-23223/12/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 22A, Hasankeyf  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ18/12/2008AnadoluJet / TK0907ADB-ESBSeat: 4F, Pamukkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-JDT (25261/2258)Boeing 737-4Y018/12/2008AnadoluJet / TK0902ESB-ADBSeat: 3F, Alanya  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPI (3208)Airbus A320-23209/12/2008Turkish Airlines / TK136IST-ESB25A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JMG (2060)Airbus A321-21109/12/2008Turkish Airlines / TK325ADB-IST25F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-IZR (2414)Airbus A319-13209/12/2008IzAir / H9-2131ESB-ADB  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JPK (3257)Airbus A320-23225/11/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0136IST-ESBSeat: 10A, Erdek  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPJ (3239)Airbus A320-23224/11/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 10A, Edremit  Öner Demirkol
TC-JGN (34412/1949)Boeing 737-8F221/11/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0858SAW-ESBSeat: 23A, Bilecik  Öner Demirkol
TC-JRI (3405)Airbus A321-23119/09/2008Turkish Airlines / TK124IST-ESB13:00-30A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JLK (1909)Airbus A320-23216/06/2008Turkish Airlines / TK854SAW-ESB18:10-24F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFI (29771/228)Boeing 737-8F215/07/2008Turkish Airlines / TK130IST-ESBTime 16:00 Seat:26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JLJ (1856)Airbus A320-23217/09/2008Turkish Airlines / TK854SAW-ESBTime 18:10, Seat:25F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JLI (559)Airbus A320-21417/09/2008Turkish Airlines / TK853ESB-SAWSeat: 25A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-APR (24685/1859)Boeing 737-4Y003/11/2008Pegasus Airlines / H9110SAW-ESBSeat: 2D  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-APR (24685/1859)Boeing 737-4Y003/11/2008Pegasus Airlines / H9183ESB-SAWSeat:27F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-SNE (29684/2539)Boeing 737-8HX22/10/2008SunExpress / XQ9435ADA-SAWSeat: 26A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-SUU (30274/845)Boeing 737-86Q17/11/2008SunExpress / XQ9435ADA-SAWSeat: 30A  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R17/11/2008Pegasus Airlines / H9-110SAW-ESB-Seat: 26F  Mehmet M. Çelik
TC-JFE (29767/95)Boeing 737-8F219/11/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0111ESB-ISTSeat: 6F, Hatay  Öner Demirkol
TC-APD (29107/2997)Boeing 737-42R14/11/2008Pegasus Airlines / H9110SAW-ESBSeat: 18F, Beko c/s  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPD (2934)Airbus A320-23213/11/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 22F, Isparta  Öner Demirkol
TC-JET (26077/2425)Boeing 737-4Y004/11/2008AnadoluJet / TK0907ADB-ESBSeat: 3F, Çanakkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-JHH (34959/2719)Boeing 737-8GJ04/11/2008AnadoluJet / TK0902ESB-ADBSeat: 4F, Kemer  Öner Demirkol
TC-JME (1219)Airbus A321-21116/10/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0144IST-ESBSeat: 16C, Burdur  Öner Demirkol
TC-JME (1219)Airbus A321-21116/10/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0117ESB-ISTSeat: 12F, Burdur  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPJ (3239)Airbus A320-23205/10/2008Turkish Airlines / TK463ADA-IST-SEAT 05A  Mustafa Saçıkaralı
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F224/09/2008Turkish Airlines / TK462IST-ADASEAT 4F  Mustafa Saçıkaralı
TC-JPD (2934)Airbus A320-23204/09/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0152IST-ESBSeat: 18F, Isparta  Öner Demirkol
TC-IZM (2404)Airbus A319-13203/09/2008IzAir / H9103ESB-SAWSeat: 9D, Alsancak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPL (3303)Airbus A320-23229/08/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0148IST-ESBSeat: 20F, Göreme  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPE (2941)Airbus A320-23229/08/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 20A, Gümüşhane  Öner Demirkol
A6-RKA (29311/940)Boeing 757-25604/07/2007AtlasGlobal / KK1040ESB-ECNSeat 9F -On Time Flight Departure rwy: 03L Landing Rwy : 29.  Kenan Zorlu
TC-MAO (28645/840)Boeing 737-86N20/08/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK008IST-ECNSeat 26F (The pilot was like a drunken so the landing moment to Ercan Airport and taking off from Is Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-KTY (1012)Airbus A321-21115/08/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK001ECN-ISTSeat 32A (The weather was very cloudy)  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JHG (34958/2688)Boeing 737-8GJ20/08/2008AnadoluJet / TK0907ADB-ESBSeat: 25A, Pamukkale  Öner Demirkol
TC-IZM (2404)Airbus A319-13220/08/2008IzAir / H92131ESB-ADBSeat: 10A, Alsancak  Öner Demirkol
TC-JPF (2984)Airbus A320-23202/06/2008Turkish Airlines / TC-JPFIST-ADABence yasadigim en güzel ucustu.. normal adanaya ucuyorum:)  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F207/08/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0136IST-ESBSeat: 27D, Iğdır  Öner Demirkol
TC-ETC (15064)Canadair CRJ-90007/08/2008AtlasGlobal / KK83ESB-ISTSeat: 6A  Öner Demirkol
TC-ETC (15064)Canadair CRJ-90009/08/2007AtlasGlobal / KKK1016IST-ECN  Can Acar
TC-MAO (28645/840)Boeing 737-86N06/06/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK7ECN-ISTCockpit was very beautiful, i had been in cockpit first :). Thanks Hilmi Captain.  Can Acar
TC-KTY (1012)Airbus A321-21101/06/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK8IST-ECNSeat 28F  Can Acar
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F209/02/2007Turkish Airlines / TK1444OTP-ISTSeat 8F  Can Acar
TC-JNE (774)Airbus A330-20319/05/2007Turkish Airlines / TK1IST-JFKSeat 28K  Can Acar
TC-JPO (3567)Airbus A320-23205/08/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0136IST-ESBSeat: 19F, Kemer Öner Demirkol
TC-JGP (34414/1978)Boeing 737-8F205/08/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0109ESB-ISTSeat: 22A, Bartın Öner Demirkol
TC-JGA (29785/544)Boeing 737-8F213/07/2008Turkish Airlines / TK1909IST-ZRH  Yusuf Kökbas
TC-JEG (25374/2562)Boeing 737-4Q805/07/1998Turkish Airlines / TK0913AYT-ESB-  Öner Demirkol
TC-THN (E1252)BAE Systems Avro 146-RJ7002/07/1998Turkish Airlines / TK0998ESB-AYTMuş, First time. Öner Demirkol
TC-JEZ (26088/2487)Boeing 737-4Y030/06/2008AnadoluJet / TK0907ADB-ESBSeat: 4A, Bergama Öner Demirkol
TC-JEY (26086/2475)Boeing 737-4Y030/06/2008AnadoluJet / TK0902ESB-ADBSeat: 3A, Side Öner Demirkol
TC-JEZ (26088/2487)Boeing 737-4Y020/06/2008AnadoluJet / TK0927ADA-ESBSeat: 5A, Bergama Öner Demirkol
TC-JFN (29776/308)Boeing 737-8F220/06/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0922ESB-ADASeat: 3F, Bitlis Öner Demirkol
TC-JEU (26078/2431)Boeing 737-4Y026/05/2008AnadoluJet / TK0929HTY-ESBSame plane, same seat (05D) Crew is different  Murat Okay
TC-JEU (26078/2431)Boeing 737-4Y024/05/2008AnadoluJet / TK0928ESB-HTYSeat 05D Murat Okay
TC-JDL (57)Airbus A340-31119/06/2006Turkish Airlines / TK1991IST-LHR-  Alpaslan Kırdı
TC-JDJ (23)Airbus A340-31109/09/2000Turkish Airlines / TK1492JFK-ISTBurak Buğday
TC-JDN (180)Airbus A340-313X10/11/2007Turkish Airlines / TK001IST-JFK-seat 02A Burak Buğday
TC-JGO (34413/1972)Boeing 737-8F204/03/2008Turkish Airlines / TK113IST-ESB-Very pleasent flight -cabin crew was ok - captain didn't make the before landing announcment  Burak Buğday
TC-ONO (53548/2180)McDonnell Douglas MD-8831/03/2008Onur Air / OHY027AYT-ISTGenel olarak güzel bir uçuştu fakat Kaptan pilotun konuşmasında arada kesiklikler meydana geldi..  Emirhan Köksal
TC-IEH (963)Airbus A321-23124/03/2008Inter Airlines / KK018IST-AYTKabin ekibi gerçekten kötüydü kaptanın anonsu güven verici ve akıcıydı....Atlas Adına uçan INTER'in Emirhan Köksal
TC-IEH (963)Airbus A321-23117/03/2008Inter Airlines / KK18IST-AYTUçak Atlasjetin uçaklarının kabin tasarılarına ve yeniliklerine göre baya düşük kalitedeydi.Kabin ek Emirhan Köksal
TC-KTC (1451)Airbus A321-21103/05/2004Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK001GKL-IST09A - We Took Off From Geçitkale Airport (Cyprus) To İstanbul At 07.00 In The Morning.  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-KTD (2117)Airbus A321-21120/08/2008Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK008IST-ECN27F - We Took Off From İstanbul To Ercan Airport (Cyprus) At 21.30 At Night.  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-KTD (2117)Airbus A321-21114/08/2007Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK001ECN-IST30A - We Took Off From Ercan Airport To İstanbul At 07.00 In The Morning.  Ergen Gürbüzer
TC-JFE (29767/95)Boeing 737-8F227/07/2007Turkish Airlines / TK390AYT-İST-  İlhan
TC-JES (26074/2376)Boeing 737-4Y029/05/1993Turkish Airlines / TK680CGN-ADB-KÖLN-İZMİR UÇUŞU KALKIŞ 10.45 LOKAL ZAMAN  İlhan
TC-JEH (26320/2563)Boeing 737-4Q814/02/1995Turkish Airlines / tk315ADB-İST-izmir istanbul arası açık havada keyifli bir uçuş oldu  İlhan
TC-JFL (29774/269)Boeing 737-8F220/12/2003Turkish Airlines / 1867ADB-CGN-  İlhan
TC-JPB (2626)Airbus A320-23226/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK139ESB-IST-Seat 14A -On Time Flight Departure rwy: 03R Landing Rwy : 06  Burak Buğday
TC-JMD (810)Airbus A321-23106/02/2008Turkish Airlines / TK108IST-ESB-3 hour delay due to weather at ESB -Aircraft full - Seat 24D - Good Flight -Departure Rwy 36R  Burak Buğday
TC-JGC (29787/771)Boeing 737-8F231/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0131ESB-ISTSeat 11B, FL240  İsmail Alper
TC-JEY (26086/2475)Boeing 737-4Y014/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0945ESB-SAWSeat 02A  İsmail Alper
TC-JFM (29775/279)Boeing 737-8F214/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK0912SAW-ESB1h30 delay due to wheather conditions ESB, Seat 20F  İsmail Alper
TC-JGR (34415/1988)Boeing 737-8F210/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK130IST-ESBSeat: 23A, Uşak Öner Demirkol
TC-JME (1219)Airbus A321-21110/01/2008Turkish Airlines / TK109ESB-ISTSeat: 14F, Burdur Öner Demirkol
TC-JRE (3126)Airbus A321-23124/12/2007Turkish Airlines / TK144IST-ESBSeat: 10A, Trabzon Öner Demirkol
TC-JEZ (26088/2487)Boeing 737-4Y024/12/2007Turkish Airlines / TK113ESB-ISTSeat: 8A, Bergama Öner Demirkol
TC-JPI (3208)Airbus A320-23206/12/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0414IST-AYTSeat 07A  İsmail Alper
TC-JMG (2060)Airbus A321-21112/12/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0573SZF-ISTSeat 05A, FL 320, 30 min delay  İsmail Alper
TC-JDT (25261/2258)Boeing 737-4Y012/12/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0570IST-SZFSeat 06A, FL 330  İsmail Alper
TC-JEY (26086/2475)Boeing 737-4Y023/10/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0947ESB-SAW-  İsmail Alper
TC-JFH (29770/114)Boeing 737-8F223/10/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0910SAW-ESB-  İsmail Alper
TC-JLK (1909)Airbus A320-23213/11/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0910SAW-ADB-  İsmail Alper
TC-JMF (1233)Airbus A321-21116/11/2007Turkish Airlines / TK0912SAW-ESB-  İsmail Alper
TC-JMC (806)Airbus A321-23130/06/2007Turkish Airlines / TK1991IST-LHR-  Alpaslan Kırdı
TC-JMD (810)Airbus A321-23116/11/2007Turkish Airlines / TK354IST-ADB-  Alpaslan Kırdı
TC-JFE (29767/95)Boeing 737-8F216/11/2007Turkish Airlines / TK151ESB-IST-  Alpaslan Kırdı
TC-KTY (1012)Airbus A321-21130/05/2007Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK33ECN-ADB-HARİKA BİR YOLCULUKTU LEFKE OLUNCA HARİKA OLUYOR  Emre Ünlü
TC-KTD (2117)Airbus A321-21115/08/2007Cyprus Turkish Airlines / YK35ECN-ADB-Hoş bir uçuştu hele kokpit harikadı:)  Emre Ünlü
TC-JFT (29780/454)Boeing 737-8F205/09/2007Turkish Airlines / TK136IST-ESBSeat: 20A, Kastamonu Öner Demirkol
TC-JFY (29783/497)Boeing 737-8F205/09/2007Turkish Airlines / TK109ESB-ISTSeat: 9A, Manisa Öner Demirkol
TC-JRB (2868)Airbus A321-23108/07/2007Turkish Airlines / TK1992LHR-IST-Muhtesem :))  Alpaslan Kırdı
TC-ETB (15063)Canadair CRJ-90021/06/2007AtlasGlobal / KK86IST-ESBSeat: 10F  Öner Demirkol
TC-JDH (25184/2227)Boeing 737-4Y022/05/2007Turkish Airlines / TK 665ERZ-ESB11-C Mahmut Polat
TC-JFC (29765/80)Boeing 737-8F217/04/2007Turkish Airlines / TK387ADB-ESBSeat: 6A, Van Öner Demirkol
TC-JFV (29782/490)Boeing 737-8F217/04/2007Turkish Airlines / TK382ESB-ADBSeat: 8A, Tunceli Öner Demirkol
TC-JPF (2984)Airbus A320-23226/02/2007Turkish Airlines / TK908SAW-AYTSeat 14F , PAX: 54. Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-JEY (26086/2475)Boeing 737-4Y021/12/2006Turkish Airlines / TK 712ESB-KSY15-C Mahmut Polat
TC-APF (28642/813)Boeing 737-86N31/01/2007Pegasus Airlines / PGT 220ESB-ECN-22 B Mahmut Polat
TC-AAD (28201/2999)Boeing 737-5Q809/02/2007Pegasus Airlines / 221ECN-ESBMahmut Polat
TC-AAD (28201/2999)Boeing 737-5Q814/02/2007Pegasus Airlines / PGT147AYT-SAWSeat: 16A Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-OGJ (676)Airbus A320-23213/02/2007AtlasGlobal / TK123IST-IZMOnur Gurgenc
TC-ONO (53548/2180)McDonnell Douglas MD-8805/06/2004Onur Air / OHY26AYT-ISTVisit cockpit after landing on Istanbul/Ataturk Airport. Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-JMD (810)Airbus A321-23105/07/2005Turkish Airlines / TK909AYT-SAWSeat: 30A Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-JLL (1996)Airbus A320-23231/07/2006Turkish Airlines / TK908SAW-AYTSeat: 18F Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-JEN (25376/2689)Boeing 737-4Q803/07/2006Turkish Airlines / TK909AYT-SAWEmil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-JLD (574)Airbus A320-21422/07/2005Turkish Airlines / TK916SAW-AYTSeat: 7A Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-APG (29329/224)Boeing 737-82R18/01/2006Pegasus Airlines / PGT144SAW-AYTSeat: 13F Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-APG (29329/224)Boeing 737-82R10/01/2006Pegasus Airlines / PGT145AYT-ISTSeat: 29F Emil Akoglu & Hikmet Tolunay
TC-SKD (25372/2280)Boeing 737-4Q803/10/2006Sky Airlines / SHY2113AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-TJD (25375/2598)Boeing 737-4Q803/10/2006MNG Cargo / CAI211AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-TJD (25375/2598)Boeing 737-4Q803/10/2006MNG Cargo / CAI211AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-TJD (25375/2598)Boeing 737-4Q803/10/2006MNG Cargo / CAI211AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-TJD (25375/2598)Boeing 737-4Q803/10/2006MNG Cargo / CAI211AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-ONR (53550/2187)McDonnell Douglas MD-8807/11/2006Onur Air / OHY7485AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-ONR (53550/2187)McDonnell Douglas MD-8807/11/2006Onur Air / OHY7485AYT-BREAndreas Fietz
TC-JGI (34407/1873)Boeing 737-8F218/08/2006Turkish Airlines / TK140IST-ESBSeat: 7A, Siirt Öner Demirkol
TC-JGG (34405/1828)Boeing 737-8F211/08/2006Turkish Airlines / TK127ESB-ISTSeat: 8F, Erzincan Öner Demirkol
TC-JKC (24469/1749)Boeing 737-4Y011/05/2006Turkish Airlines / TK120IST-ESBSeat: 19F, Bursa Öner Demirkol
TC-JKA (26300/2604)Boeing 737-4Q825/08/2006Turkish Airlines / TK416IST-AYTBurak Buğday
TC-JCY (478)Airbus A310-304(F)30/08/2006Turkish Airlines / TK421AYT-IST-çok hoş bir uçuştu Burak Buğday

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