Registration Code:TC-JGZ Construction No:35739/2654
Model:Boeing 737-8F2 (WL)  Name:Midyat 
First Flight Date:16.06.2008  Delivery Date:28.06.2008 
Capacity:165  Engines:CFM56-7B26 
Other Informations: 

Max Takeoff Weights:70,535 kg Max Range:3,600 km
Max Cruising Speed:858 km/h Max Operating Altitude:12,495 m
Wing Span:34,31 m Length:39,47 m


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    DateAirline/Flight NoDepartureArrivalsRemarkUsername
    01/03/2009Turkish Airlines / TK1909ZRHISTvery nice flight to istanbul, landing on rwy 24 Yusuf Kökbas
    04/11/2009Turkish Airlines / TK0113ESBISTSeat: 09A, Midyat Öner Demirkol
    20/09/2009Turkish Airlines / TK1908ZRHIST Yusuf Kökbas
    21/05/2010Turkish Airlines / TK2903ESBSAWSeat: 7F, Midyat Öner Demirkol
    20/06/2013Turkish Airlines / TK2113ESBISTSeat: 25A, Midyat Öner Demirkol
    15/10/2015Turkish Airlines / TK2963ESBSAWSeat: 12A, Midyat Öner Demirkol

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